Terms of Service

Use of Commissions in Digital Portfolio

By commissioning artwork from Euphoria Arts, you acknowledge and agree that completed commissions may be used in our digital portfolio. This includes displaying the artwork on our website, social media platforms, and other promotional materials for the purpose of showcasing our artistic portfolio.

We respect your privacy and understand that some commissioned artwork may be personal or contain sensitive information. If you do not wish to have your commissioned artwork included in our digital portfolio, please inform us in writing prior to the completion of the commission.

Please note that any personal or sensitive information shared during the commission process will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and we will not disclose such information without your explicit consent.

Payment and Refunds

1.1 Payment:

For pet portrait paintings sized 11x14, full payment is required upfront. Payment must be made in advance to initiate the commission process. For digital commissions, payment for the commissioned artwork will be required after the draft has been presented. Any changes to the fundamental structure of the piece need to be addressed during the drafting phase. It is crucial to provide feedback on any issues or concerns during this phase. Payment will be due before proceeding to the next phase of the commission process.

1.2 Refunds:

All sales of commissioned artwork are final. Due to the customized nature of the artwork, no refunds or exchanges will be provided once the commission process has been initiated.

Copyright and Usage Rights

2.1 Ownership:

Upon full payment, the client is granted full copyright permission for the artwork created, allowing them to use the artwork as they see fit, subject to the conditions outlined in these Terms.

2.2 Copyrighted Characters:

If the artwork features characters that are not the client's original characters and are subject to copyright by a third party, it is the client's responsibility to exercise their rights under copyright law. Prior permission must be obtained from the copyright holder of those characters in order to use the artwork for commercial purposes or sales.

Commission Process

3.1 Pet Portrait Paintings:

The pet portrait painting process includes the following stages:

Delivery and Shipping

4.1 Delivery Cost:

For pet portrait paintings, the client is responsible for covering the delivery cost. The client can choose the desired delivery method, and any associated delivery costs will be the responsibility of the client.

Cancellation and Incomplete Commissions

5.1 Cancellation or Interruption:

If, for any reason, the commission is stopped or canceled prior to its completion, the client will be billed for the amount of work completed up to that point. The billed amount will be based on the artist's discretion, taking into account the time, effort, and resources invested in the commission. It is important to communicate any desire to cancel or stop the commission as soon as possible to minimize potential charges.

Legal Compliance

6.1 Consultation:

These terms of service are provided as a general guideline and should be reviewed by a legal professional or an attorney to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Laws regarding copyright, refunds, and other aspects may vary depending on the jurisdiction.